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Buckkeep 8-11

Buckkeep 8-11

Buckkeep 90211 Folge 8 CSI Buck

Fitz: Uhu, another dead forged *wants to turn away* huh?

Red-Haired-Man: Seems as if *puts on sun-glasses* we caught you red-handed...Eric?

Eric: Horatio..The man seems to be dead for a long time now!

Horatio: *looks past Eric* Eric..take him to Alex... until then *puts off sun-glasses* this guy is our own suspect *looks past Fitz*

Fitz: Uh....I...have to look for Verity...then..bye bye! Good luck!

Horatio: Stop! Police! *shoots Fitz down*

Fitz: *dies*

Horatio: *stands there with his hands on his hips, while the sun goes down behind him* Now....he cannot *puts on sun-glasses* away anymore! *goes away*



Buckkeep 90211 Folge 9  Drugs...

Fitz: *moans* I have a headache...I need some..

Kettle: No! You won't take it! The Prophecy says-

Funny looking person: Hello? Have you two seen my friend Gimli? I'm Legolas from the Elves and-

Fitz: YEAH! *jumps on Legolas and chops him to pieces*

*smiles* Elfbark!


 Buckkeep 90211 Folge 10 Encounters

Fitz: *bored* long time since we last saw a forged one, huh?

Nighteyes: *jaul* (yes)

Strange looking person: *jumps through the forest singing* Taaaanzt den Jungle-beat, lalalalalalaaaaaa


Strange looking person: *confused* Hey?? Wait! Isn't it the Jungle Camp? I'm Costa Cord- *gets chopped to pieces*

Fitz: Always becoming more strange those forged ones.....


Buckkeep 90211 Folge 11 Duell

Regal: We are looking for a boy with a scar and-

Harry Potter: Well..that should be me! What are you Muggles up to?

Fitz: *jumps out of a bush* Hey! I'M the one with the scar!

Harry Potter: Oh, do you think you're so special??

Fitz: Well, I can show you, HOW special I am! *WITS*

Harry Potter: AVADA KEDAVRA!

Both: *die*

Regal: Well...that was way too easy..

Voldemort: Probably...

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